• Corner cleaning machine EV 834
    EV 834
    Corner cleaning machine
EV 834
Corner cleaning machine

Corner cleaning machine EV 834


  • Simultaneous machining of outer contours and the welding beads on the top and bottom
  • Four milling cutter positions for freely-configurable cutter sets
  • Optimal groove quality on convex and concave profile surfaces thanks to spring-loaded groove knives
  • Adjustable infeed draws even heavy and high profile elements (e.g. entry doors) in accurately and reliably
  • No twisting of the profiles thanks to horizontal and vertical profile clamping
  • Cutter diameters up to 260 mm possible for profiles with extreme depth dimensions
  • Equipped with a unit for blowing off chips as standard, which prevents inaccuracies due to chips becoming stuck
  • Versatile due to groove knives and milling cutters which can be switched on individually as well as cutter combinations that can be changed quickly
  • Four router spindles for cutter diameters up to a maximum of 260 mm
  • Error minimisation through intelligent, automatic profile distinction between frames and sashes at milling positions 1 and 2

Technical specifications

  • Maximum frame size is theoretically unlimited
  • Min. frame size outer dimension 290 x 290 mm
  • Min. frame size inner dimension 160 x 160 mm
  • Max. profile height 200 mm
  • Profile height min. 25 mm
  • Cutting tool diameter 260 mm max.
  • Spindle speed 3,200 rpm
  • Router spindle diameter 32 mm
  • One router spindle for cutter packages up to a height of 200 mm
  • Power supply 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
  • Power output 2.5 kW
  • Compressed air supply 7 bar
  • Air consumption per working cycle 100 l
  • Length 980 mm, depth 1,700 mm, height 1,670 mm, weight 590 kg


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